Last updated: October 5, 2015
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49ers To Expand Playbook To Four Plays 5/9/122

Rookies Forced To Listen To Katy Perry Song In Cruel Hazing Ritual

Blackhawks Nix Controversial Patrick Kane Accuser Bobblehead Night

Trainer Tending To Unconscious Player Hoping His Family Is Watching

MRI Reveals Derrick Rose A  Pussy

Garbage Time Free Throw In Warriors-Kings Game Costs Man House

On this day in history
March 7, 2012: Buffalo Sabres defeat Carolina Hurricanes, 3-2.


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Nation’s Backward-Hatted Men Come To Defense Of DraftKings 10/8/2015
Ultimate Fighting Champ Acting Like You’re Supposed To Know Who He Is

Castro Surprised To Find He’s Still Alive

Lazy Flyball In Manager’s Dog House

British Guy Understands American Football Even Less After Watching Dolphins - Jets Game 10/5/2015
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Visibly Drunk Division Champs Unaware Champagne Is Non-alcoholic 10/5/2015
TORONTO-The Toronto Blue Jays clinched the AL East on Wednesday and threw an epic party in the clubhouse afterwards. Victory cigars were smoked, t-shirts and hats were donned, and the champagne flowed in all directions.
NHL Drops Plans To Expand To Phoenix After Discovering There’s Already A Team There 10/5/2015
PHOENIX--The National Hockey League has dropped plans to expand to Phoenix, the league’s Board of Governors said today, after realized there is already a team there. The league will continue to consider explore expansion options in Las Vegas, Quebec and several other North America cities.
Point Guard Stops Passing Ball After Reading Atlas Shrugged 4/10/12
BOSTON--Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo, currently second in the NBA in assists, has stopped passing the ball after reading Ayn Rand’s controversial objectivist tome, Atlas Shrugged, teammates report. The point guard is now espousing “the virtue of selfishness” and taking every shot himself.
Bobby Valentine Violates Clubhouse Beer Ban After Seeing Josh Beckett Pitch 4/9/12
DETROIT - Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine violated his own clubhouse beer ban on Saturday after watching pitcher Josh Beckett give up 7 runs in 4.2 innings in his first start of the season.

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