Radar Ranked Number One Thing NFL Teams Like To Fly Under

August 17, 2017        
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NEW YORK--According to a recent survey of NFL teams and players, radar ranked number one on a list of things NFL teams like to fly under. 32 of 32 teams surveyed put radar in the top spot, including the Buffalo Bills, who have flown under the radar a record 14 consecutive years. Said Bills QB Tyrod Taylor: “We love flying under the radar. We love going into the season without any expectations and without anyone giving us a chance. Go ahead and doubt us. Overlook us. We like it that way. It’ll make it all the more satisfying when we win the Super Bowl. Radar, man. It is such an awesome thing to fly under. I wouldn’t want to fly under anything else.” The other 31 teams gave a similar rationale, though multiple members of the Jacksonville Jaguars voted for hot dogs, claiming they didn't understand the question.








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