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Player Caught Off Guard By Straightforward Question At Media Day

February 2, 2010           
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MIAMI--Colts quarterback Peyton Manning was caught off guard on Tuesday when a reporter asked him a straightforward, non-wacky question during media day. Manning, who struggled to answer the question, admitted to being a little thrown off. “Whoa, that one caught me off guard a little,” Manning said in response to a question about the Saints' defensive scheme. “I uh…yea, they have a lot of looks. It’s um…hard to…wow, I really wasn’t prepared for this. Don’t you want to ask me if I stand up when I pee, or where’s the craziest place I’ve ever done it? Do you want to know what Dwight Freeney looks like naked? Why aren’t you wearing some wacky costume? Who are you and who let you into media day? Security!” Manning then regained his composure when a man dressed as a chicken asked him if the center ever farted on his hands during the snap.


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