LOUISVILLE, KY--I’ll Have Another won the Kentucky Derby on Saturday by one and a half lengths over Bodemeister, becoming a household name overnight. However, the fan favorite is now facing some criticism after peppering his post-race press conference with references to God and Christianity.

“I’m just so blessed that God has chosen to put me in this position,” I’ll Have Another said to reporters. “The fact that a horse like me, who came from such humble beginnings, can win the Kentucky Derby, shows the power of prayer and the Lord Jesus Christ.”

I’ll Have Another also raised people’s ire by standing on his hind legs and pointing to heaven after his rousing victory, a move he claims was simply a spontaneous gesture of faith.

“I certainly wasn’t looking to create any controversy,” he said. “I just wanted to give glory to God. He’s blessed me in so many ways. He gave me a great owner in J. Paul Reddam, a great trainer in Doug O’Neil, and a great jockey in Mario Gutierez. Also I can talk, which is pretty sweet.”

I’ll Have Another’s antics have ruffled plenty of feathers, however, with many fans comparing his overt expressions of faith to footballer Tim Tebow, one of the most polarizing figures in the country.

“I don’t need to see that shit to tell you the truth,” said Neil Vizcarra, 35, who attended the Derby. “It’s just kind of a turn off. I don’t have a problem with people of faith, but keep it to yourself. Doesn’t the Bible say not to be too showy with your faith? It’s between you and God. Also, if God was so great, why’d he make you a horse? You don’t even have opposable thumbs, loser!”

Other fans were ambivalent about the public displays of faith.

“Eh, whatever. It’s his right to do that if he wants to,” said Claire Knapp, 41, of Baltimore, Maryland. “It’s not really my cup of tea but it doesn’t affect the way I view him as an athlete. I still really enjoy watching him race and nothing’s going to change that. It’s like Tebow. Yea, he’s kind of annoying, but it’s not going to make it any less fun to watch him take Mark Sanchez’s job.”

Predictably, I’ll Have Another’s antics have been the subject of considerable debate following his win at the Derby. Everyone from talk show hosts to politicians have weighed in on the topic. Even presidential candidate Mitt Romney got in on the act, calling the horse “an inspiration.”

“This horse is an inspiration to us all,” Romney told a group of supporters. “Sure, some folks on the left might take offense to his public expression of faith, but that’s because they’re godless freaks. Guys like me love it. In fact, if I become president, I will have a cabinet position for this wonderful animal! Hey, if Obama can have Joe Biden as vice-president, I can have a talking horse as secretary of state.”


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Derby Winning Horse Stirs Controversy With Openly Christian Beliefs

May 11, 2012         
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