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June 8 , 2010
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Legendary basketball coach John Wooden passed away last week at the age of 99. Here are a few highlights from his storied life and career. Prepare to be inspired!

Once did a 360 tomahawk jam to illustrate to his players that you can accomplish anything if you have a trampoline.

Captivated an audience of youngsters with a story of this decent hamburger he had one time in Tulsa

Actually won six more national titles in the 80’s with the Michigan State Spartans

Coined the phrase “Beer before liquor, never sicker.”

Devised a Pyramid of Failure and taught it to opposing teams

Never once called a time out during a game because he felt that in life there are no time outs

Threw a chair across the floor at a referee so he could have a comfortable place to sit

Finished Grand Theft Auto IV without stealing a single car or harming anyone

Despite being a devout Christian, thought the Christian rock band Jars of Clay was pretty gay

Eerily predicted in 1995 that he would someday die

As a child, was relentlessly tormented by bullies for not having a 7-Point Creed

Was one of the game’s first trash talkers when he told Kentucky players their shoes were not tied in the appropriate way

Made a guest appearance on NWA's 2006 remix of “A Bitch is a Bitch”

On his death bed, admitted to stealing his famous “10 Commandments” from the Bible

Is currently penning a new book, Oh Shit, There's No Heaven.

His last words were something about effort and teamwork or whatever

Despite his humble demeanor, secretly thought his cock should be engraved on Mount Rushmore



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      John Wooden Career Highlights