Minor League Baseball Groupie Looks Nothing Like Susan Sarandon

April 30, 2012         
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TOLDEO, OH--Todd Dander, 21, of the Toledo Mud Hens, had his first experience with a minor league baseball groupie Saturday night and reported to his teammates that she looked nothing like Susan Sarandon’s character from Bull Durham. “Dude, that movie is bullshit,” said Dander, a catcher. “This chick was not anywhere near as good looking as Susan Sarandon. She looked more like Charlize Theron in that movie Monster. And that was when I was drunk. In the morning she looked like Chaz Bono. Plus, she didn’t say anything cool or profound to me. She just kept asking for crystal meth.” Dander added that, despite her unattractive appearance, he planned on seeing her again that night.





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