March 9, 2010

Key concerns:

The team is hoping Carlos Beltran can stay healthy this year so he can begin his inevitable decline without injury interruption. Doctors say he should be ready to underachieve around May.

Someone from the group of Mike Pelfrey (lol), John Maine (lol!!) and Oliver Perez (rofl!!!) needs to step up and be a solid number two starter behind Johan Santana. The chances of this happening are roughly the same as Carlos Delgado hitting a ball out of the infield this year.

The Mets were decimated by injuries last season, resulting in them finishing out of the playoffs. That’s why their main focus this spring should be stretching.

Key question marks:

Jeff Francouer is a making a concerted effort to see more pitches this year. One way to do that would be to open his eyes while he's swinging the bat.

Jose Reyes should be healthy soon, especially since hamstring injuries generally take four to six weeks to heal and he’s been dealing with his for about two years now.

PECOTA has the Mets winning only 82 games this year. It’s not a perfect system, however, as it has the Atlanta Falcons winning the NL West.

Key uncertainties:

Rookie Jenrry Mejia is already drawing comparisons to Dwight Gooden. They need to keep this kid healthy, and the best way to do that would be to keep the Mets' trainers away from him.

The Mets have had some pretty awful late-season collapses recently so it’s up to Jerry Manual to keep his team loose down the stretch. If they start collapsing, he should remind them that even if they lose the rest of their games they're still going to get paid millions of dollars so it really doesn't matter.

The Mets problems last year could be summed up in one word: suck.


Good news for Mets fans: it turns out there are some obstructed view seats at Citifield, so for $85 bucks or so you can sit behind a pole and not have to watch the game.


Spring Training Postcard: New York Mets
This spring, the Brushback will be filing postcards from every major league camp. Actually, we don’t want to commit to anything so let’s just say the Brushback is filing a postcard from Mets camp and leave it at that.