GAINESVILLE, FL--Quarterback Tim Tebow, who has an unorthodox throwing motion that many feel is not suitable for the NFL, is altering his mechanics to that of a tight end. Video of Tebow posted on shows the QB running routes, catching balls, and throwing blocks, a sharp contrast from his old technique of dropping back and throwing the ball.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter explained the differences between Tebow’s college mechanics and his new

“In college, you could see that Tebow had a sort of sidearm throwing motion and some rather clumsy footwork,” said Schefter. “Now, if you look at this video, you can see some subtle changes. Instead of taking a three-step drop and throwing the ball in a submarine motion, he’s lining up and running routes like a tight end.”

Tebow is undergoing the mechanical changes with the help of a team of trainers and former NFL quarterback coach Mark Collins. Collins believes that, with the proper technique, Tebow has what it takes to be a productive NFL player.

“I think he has all the tools to make it in the NFL,” said Collins. “But we had to work on his technique a bit. So I told him take the football and get in his throwing pose, then I stood behind him, grabbed the ball out of his hand, stuck it in his midsection, and told him to run. It worked. If he perfects this new motion, he could end up being the third or fourth tight end selected.”

The transition hasn’t been easy, however, as old habits are sometimes hard to break.

“He’s still stuck in some of his old bad habits,” Collins said. “For instance, at one point he ran a real crisp route, made an excellent one-handed catch, then planted his feet and heaved the ball down field. I was like ‘Dude! You’re not a quarterback anymore!’ And was like ‘Oh yea. I forgot.’ That’s to be expected, though. You don’t go from being a quarterback to a tight end overnight, especially when neither is your natural position.”

While in college, Tebow was adamant about his desire to play quarterback in the NFL. So why the change of heart now?

“I just feel that more teams would be interested in me if I were a tight end,” Tebow said. “I still have a lot of confidence in myself as a quarterback, though. Even though I lack the proper technique, my heart and desire should allow me to excel. That's what my old coach Urban Meyer told me, anyway. And he's never steered me wrong.”

If the most recent mechanical changes fail to convince NFL scouts, Tebow said he plans to alter his mechanics once again to those of a real estate salesman.


















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Tim Tebow Working To Change Mechanics To Those Of A Tight End

February 23, 2010           
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