Mike Matheny: ‘My Players Laid Down And Died Like Dogs And I Hate Them’

October 14, 2015        
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CHICAGO--Following Tuesday’s loss to the Chicago Cubs in the NLDS, Cardinals manager Mike Matheny unloaded on his players, taking them to task for their lack of fight, lack of talent, and lack of any of the characteristics that make up a competent, winning baseball team. “My players laid down like dogs and I hate them,” Matheny said. “I'd rather manage a team full of school girls, because school girls would show more fight and heart than the human garbage currently stinking up my clubhouse right now. Matt Carpenter? Garbage. John Lackey? Garbage. Yadier Molina? Garbage. Adam Wainwright? I wouldn’t take a shit on Adam Wainwright. I just hope they’re not expecting a big inspirational send-off speech from me, because I’ve got about two words for them right now: Fuck and You. Any more questions? Good, now who wants to go and get shitfaced?”

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