Jay Bilas Wins Sports Emmy For Figuring Out Something To Say About 52nd Pick in Draft

June 23, 2017        
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NEW YORK--Jay Bilas, ESPN NBA analyst, received a rare “instant” Sports Emmy award last night after heroically thinking of something to say about the 52nd pick of the NBA draft. Bilas commented that the pick, some anonymous kid about which there was absolutely nothing of import to be said, was a “fluid athlete who can shoot the threes and provide some much needed perimeter defense for the Pacers,” but who also “needs to work on his fundamentals and eliminate turnovers.”  The amazing effort was universally lauded by his peers as well as the National Academy of Televised Arts and Sciences, who awarded him the Emmy for Outstanding Contribution in Pulling Stuff Out of Your Ass And Really Also Just Managing to Stay Awake Through All This Shit.


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