Angry Lebron James to Play in Summer League Just to Humiliate Someone

June 17, 2017        
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CLEVELAND, OH--Lebron James, still enraged by his team’s loss in the finals to the Golden State Warriors, announced today he will play in the Cavaliers summer league this year. James will use the opportunity to humiliate some rookies and second years players, which he believes will be therapeutic. “I’m still very bitter and angry about our loss in the finals and I need to take my rage out on somebody,” James told the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “I can’t think of a more perfect place to do that than Summer League. All these hopeful young rookies and second year players, all eager to prove themselves, many getting their first action on an NBA team –  and I get to go in and crush them like insects, possibly destroying their confidence and careers in the process. Talk about cathartic!”     

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