Even Lebron James Can’t Believe Referee Fell For That Flop

April 11, 2012         
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MIAMI--Lebron James, who scored 32 points in the Heat’s blowout victory over the Knicks on Sunday, could not believe that referee Ed Malloy fell for his blatant flop in the second quarter of the game. James was being guarded by the Knicks’ Jared Jeffries when he leapt out of bounds without contact. Malloy prompted blew the whistle. “Wait? Are you calling a foul on him?” James asked excitedly. “You're kidding! This is my lucky day. I was all ready to hand you the ball and get back on defense.  That must have been the most blatant flop in flop history. Here, take the ball, Corky. Don’t hurt yourself.  Heh. Yo, D-Wade! He fell for that shit!” Malloy fell for another flop later in the game when Wade said “Hey Ed, here comes a flop” and then fell to the floor, prompting Malloy to call a foul on the nearest Knick defender.




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