Hacker Group Threatens To Leak ESPY Winners If ESPN Doesn’t Pay $30

July 11, 2017        
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NEW YORK--A shadowy hacker group on Monday threatened to leak the names of this year’s ESPY winners on a popular torrent site if ESPN doesn't pay the group $30. The group, which calls itself ShadowStorm, demanded the ransom within 24 hours. “We have all the winners in all the categories and we’re asking $30 ransom,” said a spokesman for the group. “We would have liked more but the market for this information is not as robust as we expected. We started out at 300,000 in bitcoin and have had to lower it all the way down to 30. But we will NOT go any lower. Do not test us, ESPN! Seriously, guys, this is a bargain. And it doesn't even have to be bitcoin. A $30 pre-paid Visa would be fine. Cheap jerks.” As of Tuesday, ESPN has yet to respond to the demand. In addition, there has been no evidence of any public interest in learning the winners ahead of the ESPYs or during the ESPYs. 

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