Garbage Time Free Throw In Warriors-Kings Game Costs Man House

April 10, 2012         
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LAS VEGAS--A garbage time free throw by the Golden State Warriors ‘ David Lee cost a local man his house over the weekend, witnesses reported. The man, Matt Ebeling, bet his house on the Kings plus 7. Lee’s free throw put them behind by 8. “Wow, what a tough break,” said a witness at Foxwoods Casino, where Ebeling watched the game in the casino’s sports betting room. “The dude was losing a ton of money all day, then he tried to recoup it by betting his house on the Kings. Then you know what happened after that: garbage time, David Lee, free throw, swish, and a grown man collapses on the floor and weeps like a baby. Talk about depressing. The good news is the casino felt so bad for him they’re giving him three days to clean out his house instead of the customary ten minutes.”



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