How many writers do you have on your staff?

None of your business

How did you start this website?

None of your business

Are your articles real?


Are those quotes real?


Where are you located?

None of your business

Do you accept advertisements?


Would you like to exchange links?


How do you feel about the Sudanese rebel crisis?

The situation in Darfur is a result of the unelected Sudanese government’s continued political and economic marginalization of the Sudanese people. The subsequent rebellion, launched by the SLA and JEM, was crushed by the brutal Janaweed militias that have committed shocking human rights abuses against Sudanese villagers. With the government powerless to stop its own militias from their murderous rampage, it is time for the international community to intervene and prevent another genocide from occurring in Africa.

Do you take outside submissions?


Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at the Brushback? Ever wonder how many writers we have, where we’re located, or what kind of crazy antics go on at our office? Well, we’ve decided to answer all your questions in our new "FAQ" section. (That’s "Frequently Asked Questions" for those of you who aren’t net savvy.) We hope this groundbreaking new feature will help you better understand the enigma that is The Brushback.
Frequently Asked Questions