Lebron: ‘I Would Trade All My Individual Awards for Expansion of My Global Brand’

December 16 , 2009           
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CLEVELAND--Cavaliers star Lebron James has received many individual awards in his lifetime, but that's not enough for the NBA MVP, who says he would trade all those awards for one thing: the expansion of his global brand. "These individual awards are nice and everything, but I would trade every one of those for a further expansion of my global brand," James told reporters. "Yea, it felt great to win the MVP and it's always an honor to be named to an NBA all-star game, but that's not why you play this game. You play this game to get as famous as possible and wrap your tentacles around the globe and be an international fame whore. That is my goal. And I won't stop until I achieve it." James then exited the locker room and refused to sign autographs for a group of children because he is already famous enough in Cleveland.

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